Webinar 27-08-20 – CABE

This Webinar provided by Allan Hurdle of the Smoke Control Association will look at the following:

Learning Objectives

  • For the audience to gain an in site into the SCA guide to common escape routes in apartment buildings
  • To show why a guide was required for fire engineers based on fire data by improving the understanding of smoke control systems for the benefit of building resident's
  • To show the types of products and their location when fitted into an apartment block
  • To identify where and how these products link with various controls utilised in a building in support of fire fighters
  • To clarify the various BS/EN standards that a smoke control system has to follow for competence and compliance

About the Smoke Control Association

  • The Smoke Control Association (SCA) is an independent body involved in various aspects of smoke control; including design, CFD, manufacturing, install, commissioning, service and maintenance
  • Past projects include the publication of guides related to the design of smoke control systems and projects
  • These guides also include methods for testing smoke extract fans, natural ventilators, smoke and fire dampers, smoke curtains and controls

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