Membership is open to any company or organisation involved in the design, service, maintenance, manufacture and supply of smoke control equipment and systems. The SCA membership includes: Manufacturers only, Designers, Installers and some members offer a full turnkey solution.

In April 2018 the SCA introduced additional ’Criteria’ document that existing members and prospective new members are required to sign up to and confirm full compliance with the specific requirements of the ‘Criteria’ Document.

Download new membership criteria

Certified contractors will have clearly demonstrated that their trained staff consistently adhere to industry best practice and fully appreciate the importance of correct installation, inspection and maintenance, ultimately providing peace of mind for the consultant and building operator.

The SCA membership can be relied upon to provide expert guidance.

All SCA members who install smoke control systems are required to apply for and receive SDI 19 Certification scheme accreditation, guaranteeing that they are suitably skilled and experienced in fire strategy verification, system design, installation and commissioning in accordance with the following standards and industry guideline documents and also installing tested and certified Smoke Ventilation products:

  • Approved Document B
  • Approved Document B NI (Northern Ireland)
  • Technical Handbook (Scotland)
  • BS 9999
  • BS 9991
  • BS 7346 Parts 4, 5, 7 and 8
  • BS 8519
  • BS 8524
  • SCA Guidance Documents
  • EN12101 suite of standards



All potential members need to review and commit to the criteria listed in this form before they can become a member. The form will be assessed by the SCA’s membership committee, made-up of existing members and an independent assessor.

If your company is an installer of Smoke Ventilation System it is a mandatory requirement of the SCA that you must also join the SDI 19 Smoke Installer scheme before applying to join the SCA. As long as you have applied to join the SDI 19 scheme and been accepted you can then apply to join the SCA also.

The cost of membership depends on the turnover of the prospective member.

There is an additional fee which is used to part-fund the SCA consultants work to raise awareness and the profile of the association.


Please note that this link will take you through to the HEVAC Membership form, which you will need to complete and submit, along with the SCA membership criteria checklist, please also note the requirement to have joined the SDI19 Installer scheme if this is applicable to you

If you have any questions about the membership application process, please call us on 0118 940 3416 or email