SCA Helps Develop New Certification Scheme for Contractors Installing Smoke Control Systems

SCA Helps Develop New Certification Scheme for Contractors Installing Smoke Control Systems

A new certification scheme developed by the Smoke Control Association (SCA), in partnership with IFC Certification, has been finalised and is expected to help raise standards across the industry.

The IFC SDI 19 Certification scheme is now open to contractors involved in the installation of smoke control systems and henceforth SCA members who install smoke control systems will be required to apply for and receive accreditation as a condition of membership.  Developed to ensure a suitable level of competency in relation to fire strategy verification, system design and the installation of smoke control systems, the scheme also covers the contractor’s ability to offer and provide an appropriate level of service and maintenance to the client following installation and commissioning, commensurate with the type, size and use of the building.

Contractors certified under the newly introduced scheme will be suitably experienced in fire strategy verification, system design, installation and commissioning of smoke control systems in accordance with the following standards and industry guidance documents:

  • Approved Document B
  • Approved Document B NI (Northern Ireland)
  • Technical Handbook (Scotland)
  • BS9999
  • BS9991
  • BS7346 Parts 4, 5, 7 and 8
  • BS 8519
  • BS8524
  • EN 12101 Part 6
  • Technical Reports 12101-4 & 5
  • SCA Guidance Documents

David Mowatt, Chairman of the SCA, comments, “The independent review of building regulations and fire safety supports clear cultural changes in the procurement, design, construction and maintenance of buildings and building systems in order to deliver safer buildings. Contractors should be responsible for the systems they install and end users should always look to use a capable, experienced contractor.

“This certification scheme will ensure quality and competency, affording the end user confidence that their safety critical system is fit for purpose. Certified contractors will have clearly demonstrated that their trained staff consistently adhere to industry best practice and fully appreciate the importance of correct installation, inspection and maintenance.” 

IFC Certification is an internationally recognised provider of independent third-party certification. Further information, scheme documentation and application forms are available by emailing